Radiographic Testing

Radiographic testing or industrial X-ray is a NDT method that short-wave electromagnetic radiation sent to the material to find hidden defects.

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Dye Penetrant Inspection

It is a painting based inspection methos which only defects opening on the outer surface of the material can be detected. Only porous materials are not subjected to this examination.

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Visual Inspection

Visual Inspection has to be done before other non-destructive testing methods to detect defects like: surface defects, visible defects etc.

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Ultrasonic Testing

In this method, which is also called as ultrasonic test, The material is stimulated by very short ultrasonic pulse and waves. Thus, problems on the surface or inside of the material can be detected.

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Destructive Testing

In destructive testing, (or Destructive Physical Analysis, DPA) tests are carried out to the specimens failure, in order to understand a specimens performance or material behaviour under different loads.

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Magnetic Testing

In this method, which can only be used on the testing of magnetizable materials, the part is turned into a magnet and if there is a crack in the material, errors are detected by the formation of polarization in that area.

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