Company Profile

Company Profile

Ultramat was founded in 2013 to provide services on destructive and non-destructive inspection of the industrial area. Our company is mainly working on engineering control services, especially in the NDT sector. Our headquarters is located in İzmir Çiğli Atatürk Organize Sanayi Bölgesi.

Our company specializes in control methods such as ultrasonic testing, magnetic testing, liquid penetrant testing and radiographic testing and has a staff that develops day by day. Ultramat has adopted the concept of quality and trust with its expert staff and is a company that constantly renews itself in order to keep pace with developing sector and technology.

We are working to provide high quality and reliable service with specialist team with all necessary experience in control and inspection subjects in every sector.

Our Working Areas

Our main working areas are as follows::

  • Energy, petrochemical and refinery, manufacturing, natural gas and similar industries
  • elded Manufacturing – Pressure vessels, steel constructions, pipe welds, machine manufacturing and more
  • Casting Manufacturing – Ductile Iron, steel casting, gray casting, aluminum casting, etc.
  • Material Inspection – Sheet Lamination control, hollow or empty miller check, forging materials

Our New Products

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